Refuelling Heavy Duty with
very High flow Hydrogen

The EU-funded RHeaDHy project will develop high flow refuelling components and refuelling line, in order to
implement and test new protocols to allow refuelling of 700 bar H2 trucks at 100 kg within 10 minutes.


/ How will RHeaDHy achieve this ambitious goal?

There is a strong demand from EU to decarbonise freight transport. RHeaDHy will contribute to this by developing high-performance hydrogen (H2) refuelling stations. RHeaDHy aims at fully implement and validate new refuelling protocols that will allow to refuel 100 kg H2 trucks in 10 min.

Partners will design and assembly a new very high flow refuelling line for 700 bar H2 truck. To do so, they will develop missing key components needed to reach the mean flow target of 170 g/s (300 g/s at peak). The unique RHeaDHy comprehensive approach will guaranty an optimal design of components and refuelling line by gathering in the consortium partners manufacturing all the components downstream high-pressure refuelling station storage to vehicle storage. This approach will allow to choose the optimal trade-off on constrains repartition among components and to fully consider vision of real vehicle constrains.

Two refuelling stations will be installed in France and Germany. Two truck storage test systems will be used to test and validate refuelling protocols on full scale storage. This work will allow to provide feedback from the field to significantly contribute to the establishment of standards on refuelling interface components and protocols. RHeaDHy will then represent a significant step forward to unlock H2 truck market by allowing wide and performant refuelling station network based on European alternative fuel infrastructures ambition.

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