/ Presentation

Emerson’s TESCOM designs and manufactures a wide range of standard and custom engineered pressure control regulator and valve solutions for a diverse, global market. Whether your needs are components like pressure regulators, high pressure valves and instrumentation control valves or gas delivery systems and assemblies, we provide expert application and customer support for simple industrial applications or highly complex projects.

We serve industries that rely on superior pressure control, including aerospace, alternative fuels, oil & gas, semiconductor fabrication and microelectronics.

/ Main tasks in RHeaDHy

Develop new expertise in high flow H2 technology and face the challenges directly together with the main parties involved in building up refuelling lines, in order to help decarbonizing freight transport.

/ Key people on the project

Pierre Yves Binetruy from EMERSON TESCOM

Pierre-Yves Binetruy is Business Developper with 27 years experience in Fluid Control. He joined Emerson 5 years ago and develop and propose solutions on Hydrogen application since 2020.

For RHeaDHy project Pierre-Yves will coordinate the Tescom and ASCO team to propose the best solution for pressure control and valves for the new very high flow hydrogen refueling line.