/ Presentation

HRS is a French company founded in 2004 that has an historical activity of industrial piping and got specialized since 2009 in the conception, fabrication and installation of innovative hydrogen refuelling solutions to serve the mobility sector. Up to now, HRS has fabricated 43 stations in operation worldwide and aims to become the leader of the HRStations thanks to its new facility that has a capacity of production of 180 stations/year.

HRS’s scope of expertise goes from the outlet of the hydrogen source up to the nozzle of the dispenser, including high pressure storages, compressors, cooling systems and much more. They supply 200 to 300 kilogram/day hydrogen stations and designed a high-capacity station of 1-2 Ton/day that will be first installed by the end of the year. These scale-up on the refuelling capacity is completed with ongoing development on the distribution side.

/ Main tasks in RHeaDHy

HRS will be the integrator of the different components of this project. HRS will bring its expertise in industrial piping infrastructure, especially hydrogen station, to manufacture the very high flow refuelling line (including the automation part). As global integrator, HRS will realize and assist some tests of the project thanks to their Testing Zone, unique in Europe, that is dedicated to high pressure hydrogen testing.

/ Key people on the project


Mathieu Schram is an engineer from the Arts et Métiers engineering school, supplemented by a year of study in Kassel, Germany. Having worked for 10 years in the automotive and nuclear industries, both in Germany and France, he possesses expertise in leading and delivering complex projects in demanding fields.

He has now joined HRS and the RHeadHY team for a new venture in the field of hydrogen. As HRS Project Manager, he will play a pivotal role in driving the success of this innovative project and ensure seamless coordination, efficient resource allocation, and timely delivery of project milestones. Mathieu is thrilled to be part of this exciting project which is a crucial step in the decarbonization of heavy mobility. This project aligns perfectly with his values and commitment to sustainability.


Pierre Guendouz is a System Engineer specialized in complex fluids from the Université Grenoble Alpes with a heavy lean on R&D subjects. After a couple years of experience in the development of pressurized systems for the Oil&Gas industry, he joined HRS over 1 year and a half ago and participated to the continuous improvement of our stations H14 and to the design of our newcomer on the market, the H40.

When it comes to the RHeaDHy project, he will be the technical leader on HRS side and will be responsible of the design of the heavy duty line. Strong of his experience in the development of our stations, he will be the decision maker in terms of technical choices, and will ensure that the different partners on the project will meet the requirements that he will define on each element of the line, supported by our team of experts.