About RHeaDHy

/ Why RHeaDHy?

This simplified infographic helps to understand the process that led to the development of the RHeaDHy project.


/ Our stakes

/ Objective 1: Design and assembly of a very high flow
hydrogen refuelling line

/ Objective 2: Develop the new components necessary for the high flow hydrogen refuelling

/ Objective 3: Contribution to the development of new fuelling protocols to supply H2 tank safely and their demonstration

/ Objective 4: Demonstrate the chain of components integrated on 2 different HDV stations

/ Objective 5: Standardize and certify Hydrogen Refuelling Station components to ensure rapid deployment and time to market


/ Our methodology

The RHeaDHy project gathers the best expertise in H2 refuelling line field (components, refuelling protocol, station assembly, exploitation, vehicle storage and interface…) to develop a very high flow refuelling station to be able to refill HDV (up to 100 kg tank system) in 10 min.

To do so, the project will first design and specify the Hydrogen Refuelling Station to then feed the components developments with adequate characteristics. The components will then be developed and manufactured or optimized to meet these specifications. The project will also focus on ensuring compatibility of components between each other and finding the best trade off on constrains sharing between components versus cost impacts. Thermodynamic refuelling simulations will support the component development and integration in the overall system and the refuelling protocol adaptation to the truck storage test system based on refuelling protocol developed in ISO TC 197 and in PRHYDE project. With the components, two very high flow Hydrogen Refuelling Stations will be assembled. The 2 systems will then be tested to reach the flow performance targeted.

/ RHeaDHy impact vision

The developments made within RHeaDHy will allow to tackle the technical challenges associated with HDV Hydrogen Refuelling Stations in order to develop a commercial solution that conforms to the heavy-duty requirements. With this project, we would like to increase availability, reliability, and transferability of Hydrogen Refuelling Station components over Europe.