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Develop, manufacture and service connected to compact welded heat exchangers. More than 40 years of experience in heat transfer. Our focus is highly efficient heat exchangers to reduce and improve energy consumption of systems leading to CO2 emission reductions. ALFA LAVAL have developed technology for the use and hydrogen systems.

Our interest is to secure that we develop products that fits with the best HRStations and that we secure optimum performances.

/ Main tasks in RHeaDHy

ALFA LAVAL contribute to the project by:

– Design and optimize the heat transfer system

– Reducing size of system

– Improving efficiency, speed of Refuelling

Our experience is about more than 15 years in producing high pressure specialized units for the use in O&G and industrial gas in Hydrogen.


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Romain Lanier –

/ Key people on the project


Laurent Doeuvre has been working for Alfa Laval for more than 10 years as project manager. His main responsibility is to manage international and industrial projects, with the objective to implement new heat exchanger on the different Alfa Laval factories.

In RHeaDHy project, Laurent will coordinate the alfa Laval team to propose the best exchanger for the new dispenser.

Picture of Frédéric Rondet from Alfa Laval

Frédéric Rondet has been working for Alfa Laval for more than 16 years as R&D Project Manager and then R&D Manager. His main responsibility is to manage a team of experts focused on international and multi-disciplinary projects, with the objective to deliver new heat exchangers to meet customer demands.

Within RHeaDHy, he will coordinate the Alfa Laval technical team to develop the best heat exchanger for the new very high flow hydrogen refuelling line.