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Faurecia, company of the Group FORVIA, is a global automotive technology leader. Faurecia operates through four areas of business: Seating, Interiors, Clarion Electronics and Clean Mobility.

In 2022, the Group reported consolidated sales of €25.5 billion. Faurecia is listed on the Euronext Paris market and is a component of the CAC Next 20, CAC 40 ESG and CAC SBT 1.5° indexes.

Faurecia has made sustainable mobility a strategic priority.

Hydrogen mobility is rapidly gaining momentum and Faurecia is at the heart of a growing ecosystem of partners supporting its industrialization and adoption at scale. Faurecia has a clear roadmap to develop hydrogen storage solutions adapted to different use cases in passenger cars, commercial vehicles, logistics, industries and beyond over the coming decade. The Group covers 75% of the hydrogen drivetrain value with hydrogen storage systems, as well as fuel cell stack systems through Symbio, our joint venture with Michelin and Stellantis. Faurecia ambitions to become a world leader in hydrogen solutions for automotive and non-automotive applications and targets €3.5 bn sales by 2030. www.faurecia.com ; www.forvia.com

/ Main tasks in RHeaDHy

Faurecia, as Type-IV Composite tank and complete CGH2 storage system designer and manufacturer recognized in Commercial Vehicle market, is supporting the demonstration of High Flow Refueling protocol for Heavy duty application by developing and delivering 2 systems sized to onboard up to  100 kg of hydrogen at 70 MPa.

Faurecia will lead the development of the complete hydrogen systems that can meet this High Flow Refueling protocol and will document its operating  limits in correlation with simulation.


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Loïc Goubin – loic.goubin@forvia.com

/ Key people on the project


Loïc Goubin is a mechanical engineer graduated from « Ecole Supérieure des Techniques Aéronautiques et de Construction Automobile » (ESTACA). Before entering the hydrogen world, he used to work on thermal management systems for both internal combustion engine and electrical vehicles. For 3 years now, Loïc is working on the development of compressed hydrogen storage system.

For the RHeaDHy project, as a project manager, he is in charge of the development of two Truck Storage Test System (TSTS) in order that the newly designed refueling station can be tested in the right and safe conditions.


Sullivan Icard is a mechanical engineer graduated from « Arts et Métiers Paritech (ENSAM) ». He has more than 20 years of system and valves development and especially the last 3 years on hydrogen auxiliaries for compressed hydrogen storage system.

In RHeaDHy project, he will bring his technical expertise in hydrogen system development for the development of the two Truck Storage Test System (TSTS) to demonstrate high flow system refueling protocols.