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LAUDA has several decades of experience in designing and manufacturing high-performing plant engineering systems, that provide heating and cooling power such as to chemical and pharmaceutical plants and reactors, semiconductor fabs and tools.

Over the past few years, LAUDA has also entered the HRStation market in providing plant engineering solutions to cool hydrogen compression systems and hydrogen dispensers and supplied into approximately 10% of European HRStations LAUDA cooling systems.

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LAUDA has rich experience and dedicated engineers that are able and eager to design hydrogen refuelling cooling solutions of the future.

Our engineering team will design a heavy-duty refuelling cooling systems to be as robust, reliable and energy-efficient as possible. Our experience with light duty HRStations will provide very relevant insights on how to design a heavy-duty cooling system to fulfil the goals of this Horizon project. LAUDA is a premium partner in the industry and is growing in the hydrogen sector.

We are extending our engineering and manufacturing resources to cope with the challenges of a rapidly growing industry, to optimize cooling systems available to the market participants and manufacture these systems in a timely manner.


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