HRS achieved very high flow H2 refuelling

Focus on HRS commitment to the Hydrogen sector
RHeaDHy’s very high flow tests at the HRS R&D centre!

The RHeaDHy project, launched 1 and a half year ago, aims to refuel a storage capacity with 100 kg of hydrogen in 10 minutes at 700 bar. 5 times faster than what is done today on all H2 stations!

Mathieu, R&D project manager within the HRS team, is the HRS coordinator of the RHeaDHy project.

He tells us about the latest advances in the project:
160 g of hydrogen per second: very high flow achieved! First conclusive tests bringing us closer to the project target of 300 g/s peak!
– We are maintaining the initial course which provides for the integration of the modules and the manufacturing of this new high flow hydrogen station in 2025 within our industrial production site.

HRS R&D centre, the only one of its kind in Europe, is another key advantage for testing, trialling and developing future products and solutions for the hydrogen mobility market.

Thanks to very high flow, our partner is in a position to meet the future refueling needs of heavy duty mobility.

Promotion of Mathieu SCHRAM from HRS on the RHeaDHy project