Zoom on HRS engagement in the Hydrogen sector

Zoom on HRS engagement in the Hydrogen sector
Did you know that HRS is participating in the major European R&D project RHeaDHy?

The RHeaDHY project, launched 8 months ago, has for goal to refuel a 100 kg H2 vehicle in 10 minutes. 5 times faster than what is done today around all the H2 stations!

HRS is confident of its competence in hydrogen stations’ development, Pierre Guendouz, development engineer R&D, is the technical manager of this project at HRS. He is responsible for monitoring technical requirements throughout the task. Last week, during one of our first presentation, he showed the technical characteristics of the demonstrator which is going to be developed and exchanged with each partner to ensure the conformity of its components. A first step confirmed for RHeaDHy project!

This project will last 4 years.
After a technical development phase over the first 2 years, we will assemble the elements to build this new generation dispenser and the project will be finalized by a testing phase with the HRS production and testing teams. The first dispenser will be installed in our testing area in Champagnier.

Project supported by a European consortium and co-financed by the EU’s Horizon Europe Program under the Clean Hydrogen Partnership initiative.

Promotion of the RHeaDHy project made by HRS